Representation of Chumash Rock art, as shown on Neighborhood Arts Council mural, Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo

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A Selected Historical Alphabet
San Luis Obispo County

  Abalone, Acorns, Adelaida, 
       Adobes, Ah Louis, Arrowheads,
  Bandits, Barley, Beans, Bears, 
       Beckwourth, Big Sur, Bishop's Peak 

PostcardCampSLOSanLuisAmphitheatre1944July13.jpg (36474 bytes)

  Cabrillo, Cal Poly, Camp Roberts, 
       Camp San Luis, Carnegie

       Libraries, Carrizo Plain,
       Cascarones, Cass, Cattle, 
       Chinatown, Cholame, Chong's
       Homemade Candies, Chumash,
       Crespí, Cuesta 

airy Farming, Dallidet, Dana, 
       DeAnza, Diablo, Dinosaur Caves,
       Dunites, Drought

California golden poppies (Escholtzia Californica)

  Earthquakes, E.G. Lewis, Escholtzia, 
       Estrada, Eto, Eucalyptus,
       Executive Order 9066
Farmworkers, Fiestas, Filipinos,
       Franciscans, Fremont, F.Z. Branch
Gins, Goldtree, Grass Roots,
       G.S. Garcia, Gum Alley 

alcyon, Harmony, Hiway 1, 
       Hearst Castle, Hot Springs, 
       Huasna, Huer Huero

Hearst Ranch

  Indians, Italian POWs, Italian Swiss
Jack House, Jack Powers, James Dean,
       Japanese Relocation, J.P. Andrews,
       Julia Morgan, Junípero Serra 

aetzel, Klau Mine, Kluver   

La Panza, Lighthouses, Linnaea's,
       Live Oaks, Lupine
Madonna Inn, Manzanar, Manzanita,
       Maxine Lewis, Mexican Land 
       Grants, "Migrant Mother," 
       Mining, Missions, Montebello, 
       Moros, Morro Bay, Motel Inn

acimiento, Nagano, Nine Sisters,
       Nipomo, Nitt Witt Ridge, Nopales

Saint Louis, Bishop

  Obispo, Obon Festival, Oilport,
       Order of Odd Fellows, Oso Flaco
  Pacheco, Paderewski, Paulding, PCRR,
       Piedras Blancas, Pines, Pirates Cove,
       Pismo Clams, Poppies, Portuguese,
       Pozo, Price
Quicksilver, Quintana

PostcardSLOTrainSteamEngineonStennerBridgeJuly13.jpg (17576 bytes)

  Railroads, Ramona Hotel, 
       Ramona Carrillo Pacheco Wilson,
       Ranchos, Rios Caledonia Adobe,
       Rock Art, Routzahn, Rumrunning
Salinans, San Andreas Fault, 
       San Simeon, Sea Otters, 
       Sebastian's, Seed Farms,
       Serra, Sinsheimer, Soda Lake,
       Southern Pacific, Strawberries,
Tanaka, Tank Farm, Temple of the
        People, Tunnels, Twisselman
Unangst, Unocal

GarciaBit.jpg (27854 bytes)

  Vachell, Vaqueros, Varian, Vegetables,
        Venable, Victorians, Vigilantes

haling, Wine Grapes, Wineman, 
       Wong On
Yankee Sea Captains, Yee Chung, 
       York Mountain
Zebras, Zegar, Zion (Old Ship of),

Morro Bay

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