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Table of Contents for:

John and Gordon: The Old Days
(1932-1944 in Arroyo Grande, California)

by John Loomis and Gordon Bennett
Arroyo Grande, California:
Boococks of America Press, 2002

Walking to School
Starting School
Herbert Hoover's Twelve-Cylinder
Bunk House Cowboys
The Girls' Shower and Locker Room
Road Oil
Paulding, Loomis, and Bennett Homes
Educated Olives
The Wanderer
Judge Moore and the Lopez Boys
Pop Horner's Store
Noble Saves the Day
Big Shots Upstairs
The City Reservoir
Cold, Dank, and Musty
Black and White Reo Bus
Bennett's Famous Hamburgers
I Lied Like Hell
Gun Battles
Scared to Death
Zeyens' Grocery Store
Herman Mades
The Commercial Company
Monnin-Wilkinson Feud
Bert McNeil's Barber Shop
Thiele's Bakery Snags Church Offering
Where the Hell's the Liquor?
Old Bob's Movie Camera
Cut Off Both Ears
Play for Keeps
High Voltage
Buried Down to the Axle
The Old Moreland
Hayashi on the Cienega
The Great Depression
The Hoosegow
Milk of Magnesia Sandwich
Look Out Gophers
The New Gym
Life in the Penitentiary
Dial One and Go
Grabbed a 2 x 12
Lived in Cardboard Shacks
Walked the Pipe
Railroad Food
Railroad Whiskey
Model T Dump Truck
Snake in the Kitchen
Grande Theater
Vienna Sausages
Everything was Explosive
Wanted by the Methodists
Arroyo Grande's Colorful Morticians
Gold Chips
Holy Rollers Locked Up
Japanese Picnic
Call for Phillip Morris
Our Old School House
Pismo Beach Theater
Old Man Schmidt and Hoot Gibson
Stack 'Em Up
Hartman Dumps Garbage on Branch Street
Bank of Arroyo Grande
Bullies Were Bigger
Lumber Schooner Aground at Oceano
Crown Hill Runaway
Seventh Grade Class of 1938
Tires Roll on Crown Hill
Chocolate Eggs in the Trees
Dirty Work
Up in the Air
Odd Fellows Picnic
Buzz's Barber Shop
Local Milk Train
Cry Baby
Ham and Eggs Osborne
Rat and Cow Manure
The Dehydrator
Our Own Railroad
Box Car Trouble
Jumping on the Caboose
Crown Hill Coasters
The Last Iron Horse
I'll Get Him, Bill
The Giant Hedge
Serenading the WPA
Stink Bomb
Pocketful of Maggots
Three Falls Scout Camp
The Boocock Stamp Club
Swimming Hole
Gaffing Steelhead
Don Gullickson
Coach Winslow
Arroyo Grande High School Letterman's Club of 1940-41
Arroyo Grande Boys' Basketball Team of 1941
Hildie Survives
Knockout Brown
Fireman Sanford
Mart Bushnell
Ducky's Whore House
Ralph Bennett's Store Basement
Rats at the Loomis Feed Mill
Prelude to War
Pearl Harbor
Last Train through Town
Arroyo Grande High School Band
Driving Company Trucks
Borrowing Tucker's Car
Howard McKibbin's New Car
Our New Boat
Adventists in Chains
Havoc Reigns in the PTA
Hamburger Stand Burns 
The Air Raid Warning Shack
The Steelhead are Back
Robinson's Chickens
Cow in the Gym
Chief of Police McKenzie - Halloween 1943
Chief of Police "Snoop" Norton
Runaway Trailer
Buzz and Les
Mutt Anderson's Café
The Hill Top Café
Thiele's Bakery
Ray Buck's Flour
P-38s at the Santa Maria Army Air Base
Miss Schulte
Arroyo Grande High School Faculty and Staff in the 1940s
Mission Theatre Poster
Chickens Get Their Revenge
Pozo Insulators - 1963



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