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Features and Information:

     History in San Luis Obispo County Book List/Bibliography:


Contents of
Loren Nicholson's
Glimpses of Childhood
in the Old West

   Introduction: Loren Nicholson, Editor

   Railroader's Son, by Clyde Davis

   Elsie Louis Celebrates Sixth Birthday, by Elsie Louis

   Fashionable Children of Old San Luis Obispo County: Randal Young's Glass Plate Negatives Collection with Fashion Descriptions by Patricia Henley Nicholson

   Ranchero's Daughter, by Prudencia Higuera

   Wash Day at the Agua Caliente, by Guadalupe Vallejo

   The Boyhood Years of Ernest Dawson, by Fern Dawson Shochat

   Cattle Drive to Oceano, by Joseph Lewis

   York Mountain Girl, by Marguerite Abbey

   Lighthouse Keeper's Daughters, by Lucy Brochard, Judy Fry

   The Pastor's Child, by Astrid Berg

   Christmas at the Judge's House, by Dorothy Unangst Bilodeau

   Daily Life at Old Court School, by Anita Hathway

   The Gentlemanly Stage Robber, by Kenneth C. Hopper



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