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Table of Contents
Janet Farris's
Avila:  A Glimpse of Yesterday


In the Beginning

1.  Miguel Avila; Mallagh's Landing; the first People's Wharf; Harford's Wharf; the Beginning of a Railroad; Steam Railroad to San Luis Obispo; The San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Valley R.R.; Ocean Hotel/Marre Hotel; The Lighthouse; Improved Economics; Whaler's Island (Whaler's Point); Smith Island

2.  The Marre Saga

3.  Union Oil Company, the Good Neighbor of Yesteryear

4.  Cottage Row Homes: Where Were They?  Where Did They Go?

5.  Avila Fire Department

Some of Avila's Longest Living Residents:

6.  Cabazon

7.  The John Beck Family

8.  Vicente Canet

Selection of Photographs

9.   Avila's Grocery Stores

10. Early Avila Area Schools (Santa Fe School District, Avila School, Irish Hills School, See Canyon School, 

11. The San Luis Yacht Club

12. The Boys of Summer

13. The Sea Food Cafe

14. A Family Tradition

Avila Valley History:

15.  Sycamore Mineral Springs

16.  Ynocenta (from Rails Across the Ranchos, by Loren Nicholson)

17.  From Ontario Hot Springs to Avila Valley Hot Springs

18.  Early See Canyon

19.  Kid Stuff

20.  December 7, 1941: The War Years



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