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Table of Contents: 
Jane H. Bailey and Dorothy Gates's
Morro Bay's Yesterdays:


Chapter I: From Natives to Immigrants
Morro Rock and the First Human Beings on Its Shores
The 1800s: Mr. A.B. Spooner

Chapter II : From Rancheros to Farmers
Don Canet and Don Quintana
The Land Act
The Breakup of the Morro y Cayucos Grant
Morro's Pioneer Settlers: Riley, Langlois, Greening, Gilbert, Tanner, Halstead
Mr. Ezra Stocking, mr. J.C. Stocking
The Growth of Farming and Coastal Shipping
Depression: 1890-1900

Chapter III: 1860-1917
Tourism Develops, The Schneider Family, 1890
Escape from the Valley, from 1890

Chapter IV: Morro Enters the Twentieth Century
Morro is a Magnet: 1900-1919
--And Continues as Such in the 1920s
Miles Castle and His Adobe

Chapter V: Land Development Accelerates: 1920s and 1930s
A Little Bit of Eden
Los Angeles Discovers Eden

Chapter VI: The 1930s
The Great Depression's Redeeming Features
Morro Bay's Art colony
The Depressiona and the Arts and Crafts
Las Amigas Women's Club
The Taffy Men
Rumrunning [during Prohibition]
Abalone Industry
Oyster Cultivation
The Morro Bay Sun Newspaper

Chapter VII:
World War II
The Eve of WWII
The Telegram-Tribune Account of the Torpedoing [of the Montebello]
Narratives of Residents Involved in the Torpedoing
The Shelling of Ellwood

Chapter VIII: Postwar Commerce: 1950-1980
Postwar Growth
Civic Leadership
Incorporation at Last
Commercial and Partyboat Fishing
The Sun's Competitors

Chapter IX: Afterword
Crossing a Century with the Spooners
A.B. Spooner, Minister and Sailor
Recollections of a Spooner Girl
The Pecho Ranch and the Second Generation
Biography of a Bay
Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees
Calendar of Events in Morro's Past (Timeline)


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