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Table of Contents
Ralph M. Bell's

Where My Footsteps Wandered

1.   The Fire

2.   The Cabin at Grandma's

3.   Country Life

4.   Back in Town

5.   In Search of Truth

6.   Bradie; Creston Trip with Grandpa

7.   The Razor

8.   The Store; The Paso Robles Press

9.   Bell Money; The Bees

10. Wandering Investigations

11. The Blue Light

12. Upstairs and The Clock

13. Yellow Jackets, Lizards, and the Windmill

14. My Friend Pompy

15. Culture of the Flat

16. The Great Safe Robbery; The BB Gun

17. 1915 San Francisco Surprise

18. Tarantula and Tarantula Hawk

19. Sunday School; Idols

20. First Grade and the 'Dummy Class'

21. Introduction to Pianos

33. Our Custom Ford; Big Hotel Travelers

23. My Mother and the Custom Ford

24. The World War and the Flu

25. Making a Cake

26. Aunt Anna's Letter

27. Driving my Mother and The Census

28. The Chautauqua

29. A Broader World Opens

30. Pets

31. Influential Teachers

32. A Sleepy Town Stirs

33. Boy Scouts

34. Dick and I; Spencer and the Night Ride

35. Theatre History

36. A New Chum, Pat

37. Vic and Radio

38. The Poris and The Band

39. 'Ditch Day' and Hester

40. 1925 - 1926 High School Ends; My Future Begins


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