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San Luis Obispo:
A History in Architecture
by Janet Penn Franks



1. The Downtown Commercial District

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
Padres' Kitchen
Mission Colonnade
Mission During New England-Clapboard Period
Mission after the Restoration
Walter Murray Adobe, Mission Plaza, c. Early 1920s
Walter Murray
French Hotel and Fulton Market, Mid- to Late 1870s
French Hotel, c. 1904
Academy of the Immaculate Heart, c. 1904
Lasar Building, southwest corner of Monterey and Chorro Streets, early 1880s
Lasar Building, early 20th Century
One-Story Adobe/Corner of Nipomo and Dana Streets
Garcia Adobe/corner of Osos and Higuera Streets
Hays-Latimer-Leitcher Adobe, 642 Monterey Street, 1904 
Cosmopolitan Hotel, early 1870s
Congregational Church, 1904
Greek Revival Courthouse
Courthouse Office
Art Deco/Moderne-Style Courthouse, 980 Osos Street, c. 1939
H. Loobliner & Company, 969 Monterey Street, Early 1900s
Bank of San Luis Obispo, corner of Monterey and Court Streets, c. 1877
Rowan's Stable
Sauer-Adams Adobe, 964 Chorro Street, 1930s
Sauer & Company Grocery and Bakery, 848 Monterey Street, c. 1900
A. Sauer & Company Grocery and Bakery Interior
Andrew Sauer Home, c. 1887
Andrew Sauer Home Parlor
Jack House, 536 Marsh Street
Kaetzel House, 547 Marsh Street, 2004
Andrew Peterson-Blacksmith, Wagonmaker, and Horseshoer-Corner of Broad and Marsh Streets
Kluver & Son Pioneer Cigar Factory
Kluver's Cigar Factory (at former site , 726 Higuera Street
Sandercock Transfer Company, 852-856 Higuera Street
Unangst Abstract Office, 1880s
Higuera Street Fire Department, 867 Higuera Street
Frank and Rowdy, the Fire Department's Horses
Columbus Buggy Company
Pismo Street Fire Department, 748 Pismo Street
Sinsheimer Brothers Mercantile, 849 Monterey Street, early 1900s
Sinsheimer Brothers Store, interior, c. 1890
Sinsheimer Brothers, Store interior, early 1900s
First Presbyterian Church, the first sanctuary, 981 Marsh Street
First Presbyterian Church, 981 Marsh Street, c. 1905
Sebastopol Brewery
Quintana Block, at the northeast corner of Chorro and Monterey Streets
Ah Louis, c. 1920
Chinatown, 1930s
Chong's Candy Store, 798 Palm Street
Ah Louis Store, 800 Palm Street, 1930s
Yee Chung Store
Union Hardware and Plumbing, 725-727 Higuera Street
Goldtree House, 1212 Garden Street, c. 1891
The first Andrews Hotel, 998 Monterey Street, c. 1886
Andrews Bank, 998 Monterey Street, 1890s
Andrews Bank, teller's window
Andrews Bank, office
C.W. Palmer, Undertaker and Embalmer
C.W. Palmer hearse
The second Andrews Hotel
Muzio & Dorsey Grocery
Chiesa's Restaurant
Muzio's Grocery, 870 Monterey Street, 2003
A. Crocker & Brothers Department Store
Wineman Hotel, at the southeast corner of Higuera and Chorro Streets, c. 1930s
Johnson Block, Northwest Corner of Higuera and Chorro Streets
W.H. Schulze Haberdashery, 782 Higuera Street
Warden Building (aka Tower Building), northeast corner of Higuera and Chorro Streets
County Bank, southwest corner of Higuera and Chorro Streets
Security First National Bank, southwest Corner of Higuera and Chorro Streets
Carnegie Library, 696 Monterey Street, c. 1905
Carnegie Library with portico addition, c. 1936
Carnegie Library, interior, c. 1929
The first Elks Club, c. 1906
The first Elks Club, the Ballroom
The second Elks Club
Central Creamery, 570 Higuera Street
Masonic Temple, 859 Marsh Street, 2004
Obispo Theater, southwest corner of Monterey and Osos Streets
Call Building, 894 Monterey Street
J.L. Anderson Clothing Company, interior
Anderson Hotel, 951 Monterey Street, 1920s
Anderson Hotel, Courtyard Patio
Fremont Theater, 1025 Monterey Street, c. 1942
Fremont Theater auditorium
Teass House, 890 Osos Street, 2004
Map of Historic Districts

2. Residential Districts

Crocker House, 793 Buchon Street
Fitzgerald/Kimball House, 794 Buchon Street, c. 1902
Thomas Norton House, 850 Buchon Street, c. 1906
Marshall Home, 785 Buchon Street, 1904
Cowdery House, 880 Buchon Street, 1904
Mrs. J.A. Goodrich's House, 734 Buchon Street, 1904
Bradbury House, 745 Buchon Street, 2004
Bradbury Sanitarium, 743 Buchon Street, 2004
Stanton/Lewin House, 752 Buchon Street
Myron Angel House, 714 Buchon Street
Trousdale House, 779 Buchon Street, 1904
Wallace House, Buchon Street near Toro, 1904
Steiner House, 1206 Buchon Street, 1904
A. Tognazzini House, 1236 Chorro Street
Benjamin Brooks House, 1518 Chorro, c. 1904
Mazza House, 1318 Chorro Street
Hourian House, 1907 Chorro Street, 2004
Vollmer House, 497 Islay Street, 2004
Erickson House, 687 Islay Street
Willard Kimball House, 690 Islay Street, 1904
Willett House, 670 Islay Street, 2004
Bauman House, 1160 Islay Street, 1904
Mary Graham House, 390 Islay Street, 1904
Leavitt House, 1060 Islay Street, 1904
Miller House, 1435 Broad Street, 2004
Vetterline House, 1504 Broad Street, 1960
Finney House, 670 Pismo Street, 1904
Biddle House, 559 Pismo Street
Callender House, 969 Pismo Street, 1904
Nipomo Street School
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 1344 Nipomo Street
Adriance Court, 1531 Santa Rosa Street
Kindergarten (currently Senior Citizens' Center), 1445 Santa Rosa Street 
Avila House, 1443 Osos Street, 2004
Hageman Sanitarium, 1716 Osos Street
Mrs. James Reidy's House, corner of Osos and Leff Streets, 1904
Call House, 1104 Morro Street, 1904
Dallidet Adobe, 1185 Pacific Street
Mrs. V.L. Latimer's House, 858 Toro Street, 1904
Fielder House, corner of Palm and Toro Streets, 1904
Booker House, 1326 Higuera Street, 1904
J.S. Jones House, corner of Marsh and Church Streets, 1904
Page House, 1220 Marsh Street, 1904
Lind/Riley House, 1306 Mill Street, 2004
H. Jones House, 1330 Mill Street, 2004
Maino House, 1424 Mill Street, 2004
Shipsey House, 1266 Mill Street, 1904
Mugler House, 1460 Mill Street, 2004
Pagoda House, 1144 Palm Street, 2004
Michael Righetti House, 1314 Palm Street, 1904
View of San Luis Obispo, looking north, 1904

3. The City Expands Its Borders

Anderson House, 32 Dana Street, 2004
Harmony Creamery, 991 Nipomo Street
San Luis Gas and Electric Works, 280 Pismo Street
San Luis Gas and Electric Works, interior
Herrera House, Armistice Day, November 11, 1918
Herrera House, moving day, 1981
The first Stover's Sanitarium and Dr. W.M. Stover's residence, 1160 and 1190 Marsh Street
French Hospital, 1160 Marsh Street
Brown House, 530 Marsh Street, 1904
San Luis Obispo County Hospital and Farm, Johnson Avenue
Unangst House (aka The Judge's House), 1720 Johnson Avenue
Unangst House (view of front steps)
Andrews Adobe 1451 Andrews Street, 1790s
Court School, corner Santa Rosa and Mill Streets
Court School, classroom, c. 1898
The first San Luis Obispo High School
The second San Luis Obispo High School
First Baptist Church, 1301 Osos Street (currently Seventh-Day Adventist Church)
The Pavilion, northwest corner of Monterey and Toro Streets
Frank Lloyd Wright Building, 1106 Pacific
Ramona Hotel 
Ramona Hotel, guest suite
Ramona Hotel guests
Ramona Hotel tea party
Ramona Depot
The First Southern Pacific Railroad Depot
Southern Pacific Railroad Freight Warehouse
Southern Pacific Railroad Roundhouse
The second Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, 1011 Railroad Avenue
Railroad Square, 1880 Santa Barbara Street
Ms. M.J. Sanders House, 1617 Santa Rosa Street
Glen Dell/Hotel Park, 1815 Osos Street
Veterans' Memorial Building, 801 Grand Avenue
Monday Club, 1815 Monterey Street
California Polytechnic State University, Administration Building, c. 1903
California Polytechnic School, Men's Dormitory, c. 1903 
Eight Mile House (on Cuesta Grade)
Last Chance Saloon
Milestone Mo-Tel/Motel Inn, 2223 Monterey Street
Madonna Inn, 100 Madonna Road
Bishop Peak Quarry
Waite Planing Mill and Machine Shop, 246 Higuera Street
Warner House, 444 Higuera Street, 1904
Camp San Luis Obispo, Highway 1
Camp San Luis Obispo, Barracks
Camp San Luis Obispo Memorial Amphitheater
Camp San Luis Obispo, Service Club
Dairy Barn, Edna Valley, 2004
Edna Store, corner of Price Canyon Road and Edna Road, Edna Valley
Corral de Piedra School, Edna Valley, 1959
Independence School, corner of Orcutt and Righetti Roads, Edna Valley
San Luis Obispo (aerial view, with Highway 101 freeway), 1956

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