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History in San Luis Obispo County:A Book List/Bibliography:


Table of Contents for
Jespersen's History of San Luis Obispo County


Interrogatorio of 1811
San Luis Indians: position of chief, burial customs
San Miguel Indians, usury, dialects
San Antonio Indians: marriage customs, musical instruments
General characteristics and customs of California Indians
The Painted Rock
Legendary Strait of Anian
Voyage of Cabrillo
Of Ferrelo
Certainty that Cabrillo did not land in SLO County
Possibility that Cermeno visited Cave Landing

Vizcaino discovers Monterey Bay

Spanish occupation and Portola’s march through SLO County
A famous bear hunt
Mission San Luis Obispo established

Early Mission records
Serra’s recommendations for Alta California
Conflict between Serra and Fages
First Civil Code for California
Colonizing expedition of Juan Bautista de Anza
Anza at SLO
Quarrel between Anza and Rivera
Mission San Miguel established
Father Concepcion
Murals at Mission San Miguel
Mission Indians
Vast possessions of Missions San Luis Obispo and San Miguel
Father Luis Antonio Martinez
Mexican independence
Trial and expulsion of Father Martinez
Secularization of the Missions
Mexican War
Fremont in SLO
Jose de Jesus Pico sentenced to death
Successful intervention of Dona Ramona Carrillo de Wilson
Treaty of Cahuenga
Beauty and dignity of Dona Ramona
California land grants
Ruin of the rancheros

Land grants of SLO County
Miguel Avila
Jose Mariano Bonilla
Francis Ziba Branch
Vincente Canet

Captain William Dana

The Estrada Brothers
John Price
Captain John Wilson
Correspondence between Bonilla and Col. Mason
The missing millstones
Admission to the Union
First county election
Pueblo  claims
San Luis Obispo in the ‘50s
In the ‘60s
Described by Walter Murray, 1870
Western Union offices
San Luis Obispo Thirty years after the Conquest
The Reed murders
Miss Villa’s version of the tale
Joaquin Murietta
Murietta and Fred Branch
Jack Powers
Raid on Dana ranch house
The Nacimiento murders
The San Juan murders
An aroused citizenry
Election Day Riot
Ruick murders
Dalton brothers at Estrella
Jesse James in Paso Robles
The great drought
Steele Brothers
Dairying in SLO County
John Pinkney Andrews
Abram Bruyn Hasbrouck
Flour mills
Grape industry
The Pavilion
Quicksilver mines
A.M. Hardie
The lost mine
San Simeon
George Hearst
William Randolph Hearst
Origin of the name
Captain James Cass
Mallagh’s Landing
Captain Hillard
Marcus Harloe
People’s Wharf
Narrow-gauge railroad
Ah Louis
Rival railroad companies
Arroyo Grande
County Map of 1874
Chauncey Hatch Phillips
James Blackburn
Paso Robles Hot Springs
City of Paso Robles
Santa Margarita
Baron von Schroeder
E.G. Lewis
San Miguel
County organization
Court of Sessions
Judge of the Plains
County elections
Election precincts
Romualdo Pacheco
Court House
Walter Murray|
County hospital
Lew and Horatio Warden
Judge Venable
Judge McMurtry
Judge Gregory
First schools
D.F. Newsom
San Simeon district
P.A. Forrester
The “female school"
Court School
Edwin Markham
Report of J.F. Beckett

Academy of the Immaculate Heart
Private Schools
California Polytechnic County schools today
M.E. Church in San Luis Obispo
The Estrella Adobe
A.B. Spooner
Reminiscences of J.T. Tuley
Miss Grainger’s history of Shandon M.E. Church
Protestant Episcopal churches
Rev. Charles Thackeray
Christian Churches
Lutheran Church at Creston
Swedish Bethel Lutheran
Zion Evangelical Lutheran
Christian Scientist
Church of the Nazarene
Atascadero churches
Poem by Eva C. Iverson

Jespersen’s Part II
Biographical sketches from A History of SLO County (1939)

Daisy May Abbey
Herman Leslie Anderson
Jefferson Lee Anderson
Lillie Anna Anderson
The Andrews Family: George Winfield
George Martin Peter Anholm and Chris Anholm
Randolph William Apperson
Nels Beck
Lonnie C. Bell
Joseph Bernard Berkermeyer
George Curtis Biddle
Minnie Pauline Biddle
Robert L. Bird
George D. Bland
Alice Cery Bordine
Ettore Ferdinand Caccia
Irene Jane Carpenter
Frederick W. Cavanagh
Alfred J. Cooper
Rowland William Cooper
Philip H. Crum
Melbourne Tefft Dana
John Lloyd Day
John Edward Dodd
Frank Dubos
Mrs. J.J. Dunne
Arthur Kenneth Durrant
Tamezi Eto
Cecil G. Evans
Mark Miller Evans
John Domingo Fiscalini
David Nelson Fraysher
Andrew Francis Fitzgerald
Elmer E. Fletcher
Charles Robertson Forbes
Robert Wiley Frazier
Rega Dent Freeman
Robert F. Fukunaga
Alfred Joseph Genardini
Michael Edgar Gerst
Edgar Marten Hansen
Ralph Otto Hanson
Reverend John Frances Harnett
Amos Riley Hathway, Jr.
Rollin Clyde Heaton
Murray Camden Hathway
William Harold Hughes
Andrew W. Iverson
The Jack Family
Miss Ethel Jack
Allan Gilbert Jespersen
Carl Andersen Jespersen
Christjan Nelsen Jespersen
Martin Hansen Jespersen
Rodney Victor Johnson
John Gregg Jones
Walter William King
Charles John Kelly
S.P. Milling Company
Joseph H. Kirk
Harry Gene Kyle
Maggie McPherson Lewis
Maria de Gloria Lima
Wong Young Louis
Dewitt W. Lyle
George Dewey Madison
George W. McCabe
William Woodward McCornack
George Yoshio Nagano
Howard Ervin Negley 
K.B. Nelson
Cyril Anthony Nick
Judge Thomas A. Norton
Donald Howard Orcutt
Hamilton Parks
Ben Ernest Patchett
Leslie Pierce
William Pierce
Wesley L. Reber
Thomas Reviea
William Walter Rhyne
Clarence Carpenter Rigdon
Guido Righetti
Gregory Angelo Rossi
Frank C. Runitz
Marius G. Salmina
Theodore Charles Schroeder
Manuel Sebastian Mello
Alden Bradford Spooner
Howard J. Thomas
Ben Tognazzini
Lafe Todd
Howard Harry Tonini
Jacob Thomas Tuley
Bert Turnbow
Marcus L. Waltz
Henry Harrison Wilson
Victor Ward
Percy N. Weaver
Ernest Christopher Wineman
Isabella Paterson Wineman
Henry Charles Wreden
Henry Wreden, Jr.
Walter Louis Wreden
Miss Margaret Yager




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