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Table of Contents

to Myron Angel's

History of San Luis Obispo County

[Please note: The 1979 and subsequent reprints contain a surname index prepared--without benefit of computer!-- by the late Louisiana Clayton Dart.  --Lynne Landwehr]]

Earliest History pp. 12-18:
California's Genealogy
Spanish Possession of America
The Name of California
Seeking the Fables Land
The Discovery
Further Explorations
Journey of Cabeza de Vaca
Northern Coast 
Death of Cabrillo
Voyage of Ferrelo
Landing of Sir Francis Drake
Drake's Historian
Viscayno's Expedition in 1602
Bay of Monterey
Puerto Francisco
Continued Voyage of Viscayno
Names on the California Coast
One Hundred and Sixty-six Years Later
The Jesuits in California
Father Kino
Father Salva-Tierra
Methods of Conversion
Expulsion of the Jesuits
Midnight Parting
Father Junipero Serra
The Mission of Loreto

The Aborigines (pp. 18-24):
Archaeological Investigations
The Indians in Earliest History
As Seen by Cabrillo
Their Degraded Condition
Writings of Hugh Reid
"Orpheus and Eurydice"
.Indolent and Weak
The Indians of San Luis Obispo
Their Religion
Treatment of the Indians
Indian Relics and graves
Indian Implements and Their Uses
Painted rocks
The Great Natural Temple of Carrisa
Indian Remains in Santa Barbara
Painted Cave
From Cabrillo's Time to the Missionary Period
No Architectural Remains
Recent Explorations
Museums of Archaeology
The Graves at Port Harford

Founding of the Missions (pp. 24-32):
Palou's Life of Junipero Serra
The Visitador-General
Expeditions to California
Equipment of the San Carlos
Interesting Documents
The Expedition by Land
Governor Portola's Command
Father Junipero and the Muleteer
Arrival at San Diego
Founding a Mission
Gathering the Indians
The Expedition to Monterey
Father Juan Crespi's Diary
The Expedition in This Region
The Earliest Footprints
Difficult Traveling
At the Bay of Monterey
Discovery of the Bay of San Francisco
The Missions in 1786
Second Expedition to Monterey
Threatened Abandonment of California

The Missions of San Luis Obispo (pp. 32-40):
Mission of San Luis Obispo 
Ceremonies of the Founding 
Attacked by Indians
The Administrative Power 
Free Entertainment
Great Wealth of the Mission 
Angered Priests
The Secularization
The Mission Repaired
The Buildings Put to Many Uses 
At the End of the First Century 
The Centennial of the Mission
San Luis Obispo before 1828
Mission of San Miguel
Rapid Growth
Fruit Trees and Vines
Fruit Trees Destroyed
The ruined Buildings
The Ancient Church
A Solid Structure
Father Farrelly
Area of its Possessions
Ranchos Granted
The Mission Is Disputed Property
Historic Correspondence
The Occupancy of the Mission
The Property Restored to the Church
San Miguel in 1822
Santa Margarita
A Relic of Father Junipero

Secularization and Decay (pp. 40-46)
Hidalgo's Insurrection
Mexican Independence
Native Civil Service Reform
A Clerical Soldier
Independence in California
Theory of the Missions
Government Interference
Colonists against the Missions
Pacheco and Avila Killed
Rival Governors
Arrival of Gen. Jose Figueroa in 1833
Decree of Secularization
Distribution of Property and Lands
Political Government of the Villages
General Regulations
Provisional Regulation for the Secularization of the Missions
Pious Fund
The Hijar colony
Santa Ana's Revolution
Land Grants
Secularization Completed
Death of Governor Figueroa
The Missions of Alta California
Wealth and Population
Varying Statements

The Missionaries (pp. 46-50)
The Wealth of the New World
The Primitive Races
An Omen
The Tribes of California
Their Food and Customs 
A Great Cemetery
Indian Boats
Early Missionaries
The California Missions
A Mission Described
Mission Government
Daily Customs
The Rich Missions
The Secularization
Eras of progress
The Work of the Century
The Dark Ages
The Ideal Elements
The Good Work of the Monks
California Explorers
Tribute to the Pioneers
Apostrophe to the Missionaries

California Under Mexico pp. 50-58
Pleasant Memories
Prosperous Rancheros
Generous Hospitality
Californians in 1835
General Style of Dress of the People
Pure and Mixed Blood
Fine Voices
California Money
Methods of Travel
Californian's Easter Sunday
Singular Funeral Cock Fighting
A Horse Race
Description of a Festival, January 10, 1836
Curious Custom
Love's Offering
Twenty-four Years Later
Captain John Wilson
Return Voyage
California Customs
The Carreta
A Manly Race Schools
Fecundity of the People
Their Tables
The Family at Home
The Ladies' Costumes
Caballero's Dress
Funeral Customs
Postal System
Hospitable Californians
The Ranchos
The Rodeos
A Changed Condition
Ecclesiastical or Monkish Government

Early Government of California pp. 58-63
Government under Spain 
The Reglamento
Paternal and Arbitrary Government
A Characteristic Order
Mexican Control
A Republican Decree
Changes of Governors
Law of March 20, 1837
Judicial Organization
The Superior Tribunal
Courts of First Instance
Alcaldes and Justices of the Peace
Alvarado Governor
Exorbitant Tariff for Revenue
Americans aid Alvarado
The Provisional Government of 1837
Carrillo Appointed Governor
Campaign against Carrillo
Customs in 1840
Appearance of Alvarado
Visit to the Alcalde

Biography of John M. Price pp. 63-69
John Michael Price
Sails for the Pacific
Arrives in California
Lands to Kill Sea Elephants
Runs from the Ship
Kind Treatment at Colima
An Opportunity to go to California
Safe in Monterey
Making Him Their Prisoner
The Graham Insurrection
Sketch of Graham
Arrested by Alvarado
The Prisoners Sent to San Blas
Alvarado's Cruelty
The Prisoners at Santa Barbara
Alvarado's Short-lived Triumph
Alvarado's Incentive-Justice Accorded the Prisoners
Fremont Appears
Gold Mining
Public Services
A Celebrated Case 
Marriage and Family

Insurrectionary Period pp. 69-79
Dissatisfaction with Alvarado
Infamous Decree of Santa Ana
Micheltorena Appointed governor
Commodore Jones takes Monterey
Fatal Precautions Taken
Capt. John A. Sutter
Charles M. Weber
Martin Murphy and Family
Arrest of Weber
Campaign of 1845
Capt. James McKinley
Surrender of Micheltorena
Articles of Capitulation
Close of the Campaign
Pio Pico Governor
The First Conspiracy
Extraordinary Convention Called
Fremont's Coming
Spicy Correspondence
Fremont Recalled 
Capture of Sonoma
Proclamation of Judge Ide
State of War
Pio Pico and Thomas O. Larkin
Reminiscence of General Vallejo
The Famous Bear Flag
Fremont's Battalion
Last Mexican Flag in the North
Important Correction of History
Spanish Governors of California

The Conquest pp. 79-93
The Forecast of War 
Instruction to Commodore Sloat
The First Battles
The Flag Raised at Monterey
Discretion of General Castro
Capture of Military Stores
Sloat in a Quandary
Judicious Action of the Commodore
Commodore Sloat's Departure
Arrival of Commodore Stockton
The News of War Declared
A Bright Prospect
The Second Conquest
John Brown's Ride
The United States Troops Expelled
Flores' Proclamation
Expedition to the South
Repulse of Captain Mervine
the Campaign from San Diego
Coming of General Kearny
Battle of San Pasqual
Orders to Kearny
Battles of San Gabriel and the Mesa
Los Angeles Regained
Retreat of the Californians
Articles of Capitulation
Fremont's Battalion
Battle of Natividad
A Brave Indian Feat
The Battalion on the March
A Shocking Execution
Voracious Soldiers
Capture of San Luis Obispo
Pico Taken Prisoner
Rescued by Fair Ladies
The Battalion in San Luis Obispo 
A Picture of Desolation
Gold against Sugar
Fremont's Strategy
Crossing the Mountain
A Terrible Storm
The Californians in the Campaign
Ira Van Gordon
Benjamin Franklin Mayfield
George Stone 
Elisha W. Howe

Early Immigrants pp. 93-108
Limited Knowledge of the Country
The Fur Trappers
Occupation of the Pacific Coast
Jedediah S. Smith
The First Overland Traveler
Smith's Troubles in California
The Fate of Smith
Other Explorers
The Hudson Bay Company 
J. Alexander Forbes
Dr. John Marsh
The First Overland Immigrants
Names of the Company 
Immigrants in the South in 1841 
The Great Santa Fe Trail
Pioneer Overlanders
Fremont in 1844
Seeking the Buenaventura River
Wandering in the Mountains
Consultation with the Indians
The Struggle with the Snow
An Indian Warning
Reaching the Summit
In the Sacramento Valley
A Favorable Winter
Immigrants of 1844
Captain Truckee
Notable Families
The Donner Party Other Immigrants
Mormon Battalion
Stevenson's Regiment
Discovery of gold
Capt. Wm. G. Dana
His Birth and Ancestry
Youth and Early Travels
Captain of the Brig Waverly
His Ancestral Estate
Affectionate Correspondence
Inherits Property
Gold in the Cargo
A Cargo to Sitka
Opposition to Americans in California
Perplexing Laws
Closes Business in Oahu
Letter from his Agent
Captain Dana Builds a Schooner
Obtains the Nipomo Grant
The Hospitalities of Nipomo 
Engages in Manufactures
Political Controversies
Offices Held
Business Enterprises
Marriage and Family of Mrs. Dana
Reminiscence of Early History
The Family
Affliction and Death
William Charles Dana
John Francis Dana

Military Government pp. 108-118
Commodore Sloat
Commodore Stockton Governor
Colonel Fremont Appointed
Shubrick Commander in Chief
Arrival of General Kearny
Proclamation to the People of California
Fremont's Great Ride
Endurance of California Horses
A Communal Government
Letter from General Kearny
Richard B. Mason Governor
Treaty with Mexico
Discovery of Gold
First Report Taken East
Great Excitement in New York
Progress of the Excitement A Vivid Picture
Effects of the Discovery 
An Official Statement
Letter of Governor Mason
Mormon Diggings
The governor Visits Coloma
At Weber's Creek
Instances of Good Luck
A Business View
Easy Fortunes
Placers of San Fernando
Quicksilver Mines of New Almaden
An Indian with gold
Persifer F. Smith Governor
The First Steamships Arrive
Gen. Bennett Riley Governor
Constitutional Convention
Homographic Chart of the Convention
The Constitution
The Closing Act
Military Governors of California

Immigration in 1849 pp. 118-126
Preparation for Emigration
The Routes to California
The Pacific Mail Steamship Company
The Expectant Argonaut
On the Isthmus
A Lesson in Maritime Law
Sailing to San Francisco
Crossing the Plains
An Overland Journal
Arrivals in 1849
Domestic Habits of the Pioneers
The Miner's Cabin
Housekeeping and Cooking

Organization of State Government pp. 126-129
Election of State Officers
Meeting of the Legislature
The Contest for Admission
Act of Admission Passed
Great Rejoicing 
Birthday of California
The Governmental Organization
Dividing the State into Counties
Elections Ordered
Senate and Assembly Districts
Judicial Districts

Political History of the County pp. 129=141
San Luis Obispo a County
Addressed as a Pueblo
The First Election
National Political Parties
California Democratic
The Whig Policy
Politics in San Luis Obispo
County Government Organized
Records of the Court of Sessions
Extraordinary Authority Assumed
The First Sunday Law
Election in 1850
District Court
Judges of the Plains
Board of Supervisors
Election in 1852
Election in 1853
Aspirations of Broderick
Political Duels
The Slavery Question in California
Election in 1854
A Stormy State Convention
Conventions and Nominations
Campaign of 1855
Native American Party
Efforts to Elect a Senator
Campaign of 1856
The Republicans
Nominations Made
Friendship for Fremont
Election of Senators
Triumph of Broderick

Political History Continued pp. 141-151
Campaign of 1857
The Democracy United
Democratic Combinations
Contempt for the Republicans
State Conventions
The Election
Henry M. Osgood
Campaign of 1858
A Portentous Omen
The Legislature
Campaign of 1859
Election Precincts
Political Doctrines
Election Returns 1859
Broderick and Terry Duel
M.S. Latham Elected Senator
Campaign of 1860
Threatening Aspect of Parties
The Election
Lincoln President 
J.A. McDougall Senator
A Stormy Session
The Rebellion
Campaign of 1861
Officers of Election
Success of the Republicans
Campaign of 1862
Three Parties in the Field
Abolition of Slavery
John Conness Elected Senator
Constitutional Amendments Adopted
Campaign of 1863
Democratic Song
Long Hairs and Short Hairs
Election September, 1863
Judicial Election
Campaign of 1864
Presidential Nominations Election 1864
Evidence of Patriotism

Political History Continued, pp. 151-159
Campaign of 1865
Death of Lincoln
Election in 1865
Judicial Election
The Legislature
Registry Law
Campaign of 1867
Political Changes
Meeting of Conventions
Election September 1867
Election in October
The Legislature
Casserly Senator
Presidential Campaign of 1868
Republican Victory
Contested Election
Campaign of 1869
Negro Suffrage
The Election
Pacheco's Election Contested
The Legislature
Judicial Election 1869
Campaign of 1871
The Election
Judicial Election 1871
Pacheco Resigns as Senator
The Legislature
Sargent Senator
Campaign of 1872
Grant and Greeley
The Election
Campaign of 1873
County Conventions
Election 1873
Judicial Election
The Legislature
Senators Elected
Murray Appointed District Judge
Pablo de la Guerra
Laws Passed
Campaign of 1875
Complicated Parties
The Election
Death of Judge Murray
Judicial Election 1875
Election of Supervisors Campaign of 1876
The Election

Political History Continued pp. 159-166
Campaign of 1877
Election in 1877
Judicial Election
The Legislature
James T. Farley Senator
Hon. Lew M. Warden
Workingman's Party
Constitutional Convention
Campaign of 1878
Campaign of 1879
Constitution Adopted 
Political Campaign
The Election
State Officers
Campaign of 1880
The Election
The Legislature
Campaign of 1882
Official Election Returns
Members of Congress
The Legislature
County Government
Death of Judge McMurtry
The Brooks-Steele Contest
Hon. George Steele

Financial History pp. 166-174
Early Accounts
A Spanish Document
A Reminiscence
Assessment of Taxes for 1850
Assessment Books
Assessed Values in 1851
Indebtedness in 1851
License Ordinances 
Licenses in 1852
Salaries of Officials
Sundry Bills
A Spanish Peculiarity
County Treasury in 1852
Official Appointments
Inauguration of the supervisors
Teacher's Salary
Treasurer's Report
Jail Building
Valuations in 1853
Valuations in 1854
Valuations in 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858
Board of Equalization
Valuation for 1859, 1860
List of Property Holders in 1860
Valuations for 1861-1864
Salaries of Officials
Detail of County Indebtedness
Warrants Redeemed

Financial History Continued pp. 174-186
Illegal Assessments
Statistics for 1867
Condition of County Funds in 1867
Assessments in 1869
Statistics of 1870
Property in 1871
Financial Condition in 1871
Bids for County Buildings
Property in 1871
Figures in 1872
County Debt in 1872
License Tax Collections
Auditor's Report in 1873-1874
Taxes in 1873
Assessed Value in 1874-75
Rate of Taxation in 1875
Road Matters
Assessor's Statistics in 1876
Tax Levy for 1876
Evidences of Growth
Angus M. Hardie
Valuations for 1877
Totals for 1878
Statistics for 1879
Assessment in 1880
County Hospital
Wharf License
Statistics for 1881
State Statistics
Surveyor-General's Report
Assessed Value of Property for 1872
Comparative Statements
Tax Levy for 1882-1883
Condition of Finances in 1882
Board of supervisors
James Cutter McFerson
James D. Fowler
R.M. Bean
The Present State of Finances

Fraternal Orders pp. 186-194
A Masonic Poem
Fraternal Societies
The Order of Freemasonry
Speculative Masonry
Masonry on the Pacific Coast
Remarkable Masonic Display
Grand Lodge of California
Masonry in San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo Lodge No 148
San Simeon Lodge No. 196
King David Lodge No. 209
Masonic Records
Royal Arch Masons
San Luis Obispo Chapter No. 62

Fraternal Orders pp. 194-199
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Washington Lodge, No. 1
The Order in 1878
Odd Fellowship in California
The Order in San Luis Obispo
Chorro Lodge, No. 168
Odd Fellows' Celebration in 1871
Odd Fellows' Hall Association
Hall Secured
Statistics of California in 1878
Officers of the Lodge
Arroyo Grande Lodge No. 258
Rebekah Degree Lodges
Reports to the Grand Lodge

Fraternal Orders Continued pp. 199-210
Order of the Knights of Pythias
Washington Lodge No. 1
Knights of Pythias in San Luis Obispo
Park Lodge No. 40
Officers of Park Lodge Anniversary Celebration
Address by J.M. Wilcoxon, P.C.
Endowment Rank K. of P. 
Section No. 147
Patrons of Husbandry
The First Grange
State Granges
The Order of P. of H. in San Luis Obispo
Grangers' Resolutions
Grange County Council
Officers in the Order
Order of Good Samaritans
Sons of Temperance
Independent Order of Good Templars
Corral de Piedra Lodge
American Legion of Honor
Independent Order of Missourians
List of Members
Agricultural Society
Officers Elected
Reorganization of the Society
Society of Pioneers
Charter Members
Temperance and Life Insurance
Order of Chosen Friends
Independent Order of Chosen Friends
Irish Land League

Agriculture pp. 210-222

Early Efforts at Cultivation
Wheat in Southern California
A Country all Sea Port
California Wheat from 1770 to 1825
Crops in Fifteen Mission Milpas
Growth of California Wheat Interest
Ancient Cultivation
The Arada
Yoking the Oxen
The Carreta
The Molino
Ganada Mayor
The Ranchero Period
Geography and Topography
Land Grants in San Luis Obispo
Large Tracts Purchased
Francis Ziba Branch
Becomes a Sailor
Joins a Party for New Mexico
Extends his Journey to California
Marries and Settles
The Wild Arroyo Grande
An Indian Raid
Adventures with Grizzlies
Michael Daughhig
A Relic of the Long Ago
Home of Branch
Jose Fred Branch
Isaac J. Sparks
Adventures on the Plains
Goes Trapping 
Fighting Indians
Arrives in California 
Hunts the Sea Otter
Method of Hunting
The Last Expedition
Sparks a Merchant
His Ranchos in San Luis Obispo
His Badge of Pioneership

Agriculture Continued pp. 222-233
The Drought of 1863-64
E.W. Steele Visits San Luis Obispo
A Backward County
A Newspaper Established
Wheat Culture Advocated
Grist Mills
Statistics of production
Exportation of Wheat 
Large Crops
When the Cows Come Home
A Newspaper's Notice of Dairying 
Success in Stock
The Origin of the Jerseys
The Formation of the Type
Early Excellence
Action of the Royal Jersey Agricultural Society
Morgan brains
P. O'Connor
Bean Culture
Vegetable Products
Silk Culture
The Interest in San Luis Obispo
E.P. Bean
Large Land Holdings
Measurement of Land
Hills in Area of an Acre

Geology pp. 233-246
Section from the Pacific to the Sierra Madre
Salinas River Valley
Santa Margarita Valley
Point Pinos Range and Sierra San Jose
Estrella River, Panza, and Carrisa
Valley of San Luis Obispo
Salinas Valley
Of the quaternary Period in California
Coast Mountains
Division 1, Granite
Division 2, Serpentine and Trachytic
Bitumen of San Luis Valley
Bitumen of Nipomo Rancho

Mines of San Luis Obispo pp. 246-254
San Simeon Coal Mining Company
Quicksilver Discoveries
Great Mining Excitement in Cambria
The Gold Mines of La Panza
Our Placer Mines
Gold Mines of San Luis Obispo
Gold on the Beach
Mining History by P.A. Forrester
Quicksilver Cinnabar in San Luis Obispo
Pine Mountain Mines
The San Jose Mines
the Chief of Quicksilver Mines
The Oceanic Mining Company
New Bodies of Ore
Chromeca Reduction Works
Claims Bonded 
Silica Polishing Rock
The Pacific Mines
Beds of Asphaltum
A Rich Mine

Public Schools pp. 254-269
Missionaries as Teachers
Going Abroad for Education
Schools in the Last Century
School Regulations in 1811
Constitutional Provisions for Schools 
Public Schools in San Luis Obispo
Teachers and Superintendents
Schools from 1850 to 1860
Tabulated History of the Schools
Report for the Years Ending October 31, 1861 and October 31, 1863
Census Statistics
School Statistics
Financial Statistics
School Property
Miscellaneous Statistics
Financial Statistics
School Property
Miscellaneous Statistics
School Census 1882
Apportionment of Funds
School Directory
Review of Statistics
The Schools in 1882
Arroyo Grande School
Ascension School
A Mountain District
Branch School
Canon School 
Central School 
Cienega School
Corral de Piedra School 
Cuesta School 
East Santa Fe School
Estero School 
Estrella School 
East Santa Fe School 
Excelsior School
Fair View School 
Franklin School
Harmony School
Hesperian School
Home School
Hope School 
Huasna School
Huer-Huero School 
Josephine School
Laguna School 
Lincoln School
Los Osos School
Mammoth Rock School
Mission School
Mountain View School
Oak Dale School 
Oak Flat School
Oak Grove School
Pacific School
Paso Robles School
Rinconada School
Salinas School
Sand Hill School 
San Jose School
San Miguel School
San Simeon School
Santa Manuela School
Someo School
Spring School
Stowe School
Summit School
Washington School
Teachers' Institute
Academy of the Immaculate Heart
Private Schools
Prof. C.H. Woods' School

Journalism pp. 269-281
Early Journalism in California
Record of the Pioneer Presses
Legal Advertising
An Editor
The Pioneer
Rome G. Vickers
The Tribune
Our Programme
Prospectus of the San Luis Obispo Democrat
Daily Tribune
H.S. Rembaugh
J.K. Tuley
G.B. Staniford
Charles Maxwell
Myron Angel
Democratic Standard
The South Coast
Charles L. Woods
Southern California Advocate
San Luis Obispo Mirror
H.H. Doyle
J.H. Crenshaw
The Republic

Church, Bench, and Bar pp. 281-293
Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. A. B. Spooner
Protestant Episcopal Church
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Presbyterian Church
The Present Condition
Rev. Rufus Deming
The Bench and Bar
J.M. Bonilla
H.A. Tefft
An Exciting Trial
Judge Joaquin Carrillo
Pablo de la Guerra
Walter Murray
Obituary of Hon. Walter Murray
Tribute by James O'Sullivan
Judge Murray's Family
Eugene Fawcett
Louis McMurtry
D.S. Gregory
The County Court
W.J. Graves
O.M. Brown
Romualdo Pacheco
Jose Maria Munoz
Joseph M. Havens
William L. Beebee
McD. R. Venable
District Attorneys
Parker H. French
Hubbard C.M. Ely
P.A. Forrester
James White
N.D. Witt
A.A. Oglesby
Ernest Graves
F. Adams
Robert C. Bouldin
R.M. Preston
Members of the Bar

The Vigilance Committee pp. 293-300
A chapter of Crime Unparalleled
Former Murders and Lynching
Terrible Times in San Luis Obispo
The Murder of George Fearless, in 1856
The Dark and Bloody Grounds
The Murder of two Frenchmen, in December 1857
Light Dawning
An Organized Gang of Murderers
One of the Murderers Caught
He Escapes the Gallows
Causes of His Escape
Antagonism of the Native Californians and Americans
The Murder at San Juan Capistrano
Disposal of the Prisoners
Return of the Two Servants
One of the Gang Discovered
Hanged by the Citizens
Fruitless Pursuit of the Gang
The Motto of Linares and Jack Powers
"Dead Men Tell no Tales"
Capture of One of the "Five Joaquins"
Hanged by the People in Broad Daylight
Murder of Jack Gilkey by the Gang
Another of the Gang Caught and Hanged
Another Arrest
His Confession
His Execution
Letter to his Mother
Parties in Pursuit of Remaining Murderers
The Huero and Jack Powers in Distress
Corraling Some of the Gang in a Wood
Pio Linares Reorganized
Engagement with the Murderers
The Dead Buried
Execution of Blanco and Grijalva
How the Murderers' Account Stands
What Became of the Hero
The Native Californians Rising
Pursuit by Pacheco's Party after the Huero
Francisco Zuniga Discharged
The Value of Native Californians in the Matter
Growing Strength of the Vigilance Committee
Wholesome Result of the Movement
Prosperity Prostrated by Crime
"There's a Good Time Coming"

Vigilance Committee continued pp. 300-304
Anti-Vigilance Newspapers
Review of the Evidence
A Veteran Bandit
The Case of Pio Linares
Defense of the Committee
Desperate Acts of Linares
The Necessity of a vigilance Committee
The Criminal Element
The Vigilance Pledge
Roll of Members
Vigilance Subscriptions
The Evidence
Murder of the Basque Frenchmen

Crimes pp. 304-311
Murder of Read and Family
Society in San Luis Obispo
Indian Raids
Joaquin Murietta
Pursuit and Capture of Murderers
Murder of Wall and Williamson
A Reminiscence of 1849
Killing of Bonifacio Manchego
A Barbarous Murder
A Strange Murder
A Strange Verdict
Doc Stewart
Waylaid and Killed
An Indian Murder
A Fiendish Crime
A Chinese Assassination
Attempted Assassination
An Unknown Murder
Order Prevails

Mails, Roads, and Railroads pp. 312-322
The Ancient System
Regular Mail
A Post Office
Alexander Murray
Tri-Weekly Stage
Daily Stage
Coast Line Stage Company
perils of the Flood Upset in the Creek
A Noble Red Man
The Flood Abates
Not an Unusual Event
San Luis Obispo Post Office
J.J. Simmler
Postal Business
Business in San Luis Obispo
Cambria Stage
Cayucos and San Miguel Stage
Post Offices in San Luis Obispo County
Wagon Roads
Pacific Railroad survey
Southern Pacific Railroad
Southern Pacific Branch Railroad company
San Luis Obispo Railroad Company
Opposition Wharves and Steamers
San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Valley Railroad
Pacific Coast Railway
J.M. Fillmore

Coast of San Luis Obispo pp. 322-326
Coast Survey
Pismo Wharf
Bay of San Luis Obispo
North of San Luis Obispo Bay of San Simeon
The People's Wharf
Rates of Wharfage
Petition for a Breakwater
In the Assembly
San Luis Obispo a Port of Delivery
Wreck of the Harlech Castle

Meteorology pp. 326-331
December in San Luis Obispo
The Seasons
The Wet Season 
Rainfall in San Luis Obispo
Rainfall at Paso de Robles
The Dry Season
Temperature during 1874 and 1875
Tidal Wave
Effects of the Climate
W.W. Hays, A.M., M.D.

Towns and Localities pp. 331-334
The Northern Coast Towns 
San Simeon
The Wharf
Improved Business
San Simeon Township
The Climate and Products
Piedras Blancas Lighthouse
The Farmers
R.J. Hazzard
A Whaling Station
Fight with a Whale
Captain Clark's Whaling Business
Luis Yori

Towns and Localities Continues pp. 334-341
Increasing Population
Mining Excitement
The First School
John McCormick Whitaker
Mail Route Established 
Business Improving
The First Store
William H. DeNise
Naming the Town Excelsior Cheese Factory
Railroad Talked Of
O.P. McFadden
Jeffrey Phelan
John C. Hill
Frederick J. Peterson
Cambria in 1880
Santa Rosa Valley
Mammoth Rock
Timothy Murphy
Julian Estrada

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 341-347
Leffingwell's Wharf
Capt. James Cass
Cass's Wharf
Jeremiah Francis Muir
Business of Cayucos
Town Laid Out
Dairying Interest
Emil Royass Freeman
G.A. Freeman
George T. Shipp
Joseph Muscio
Abramo Muscio
Alessandro Tomasini
James Badasci
Charles Mabel
Thomas S. Mabel
James Quincy Buffington 
David C. Powell 
Samuel Kingery
Cayucos in 1880

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 347-350
Morro Rock
Morro Bay
Town Founded
Land Titles
Business Men of Morro 
William Langlois
John Greening
Legend of Morro Castle
Don Miguel Avila
Port Harford

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 350-355
Arroyo Grande
William Henry Ryan
Progress of the Town
Pismo Wharf 
Daniel Henry
Henry Hess
The Vicinity
H.A. Vachell
Hasbrouck's Ranch

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 355-363
City of the Olive Tree (City of San Luis Obispo)
San Luis Obispo
Collecting Toll
Town Survey
Pueblo of San Luis Obispo
Town Lands
Hon. Charles H. Johnson
Town Organization
City Incorporated
City Officers
City Finances
Town Improvement
Progress in 1876
Condition in 1883
Goldtree Block
Bank of San Luis Obispo
Water Works (Waterworks)
James G. Abbott
Francisco Estevan Quintana
Pedro Quintana
Stillman F. Breed
Christjan Hansen Jespersen

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 363-369
East of the Santa Lucia
The Carissa Plain
Valley of the San Juan
San Jose Valley
Owners and Farms in 1877-80
Naming the Post Office
Don Ynocente Garcia
Santa Margarita
Seen by J. Ross Browne
Bear Catching
The Santa Lucia Range
The Eastern Valleys
Eagle Rancho
A Gallant Hunter
A Lovely Park
Falls of the Atascadero
J. Henry Baron von Schroeder

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 369-376
Valley of the Salinas 
El Paso de Robles
Purchased by Blackburn
The Improvements
The Main Spring
Chemical Analysis
The Mud Bath
Other Springs
Resident Physician
Routes of Travel
D.D. Blackburn
J.H. Blackburn
D. W. James

Towns and Localities Continued pp. 376-381
San Miguel
George W. Proctor
Las Tablas
Bull and Bear Fight (as described by J. Ross Browne)

Obituaries of Pioneers (taken from local newspapers) pp. 381-385
James Van Ness
Dona Encarnacion Carrillo
Laxane Landeker
and many others….

Glossary of Spanish (Place) Names in California p. 386

Patrons Directory 
Five pages of information giving name, city of residence, business, nativity, came to state (date), came to county (date), Post Office, number of acres held

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