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Oceano: Atlantic City of the West,
by Norm Hammond
Oceano, CA: Oceano Depot Association, 2004

Credits and Acknowledgements

Foreword by Linda Guiton Austin

     1.  The Chumash, A Renegade Priest, and “Cow Heaven.”
     2.  The Men who Owned Oceano.
     3. The Iron Horse, Canned Hades, Oceano Clams, The First Oceano Depot
     4. The Los Berros Branch Line, Klamdigger Billie, Closing the Gap
     5. Halcyon, Fire Destroys the Oceano Depot, A City in the Dunes
     6. Beach Treasure and a New Church, Blue Gum and the Seaport of Oceano, The “Lost” Town at Oso Flaco, First Woman in America in a Flying Machine
     7. The Great Flood of 1911, A Flying Machine Comes to the Central Coast, A Buddhist Monastery in Oceano, The War to End All Wars
     8. F.P. Guiton, The Clam Law and Sand Mining, The Oceano Chamber of Commerce and the Motion Picture Man
     9. Vista Del Encanto, The Atlantic City of the West, The Dunites
   10. Doctor Rudolf W. Gerber
   11.  Daytona Beach of the West, A New State Park, The Elg and the Romance of Steam, World War II
    12.  Station Agent Charles Munro
    13.  The Kindergarten Fire Department, The Airport, The Face of the Clam
    14.  The Clammer’s Headquarters, The Clam Bell, and the Clam Deal
    15. The Oceano Women’s Club and the War Memorial, The Celery Festival, Soiled Doves and a Candle-Powered Lighthouse, A New Church and a New School, Station Agent Carl Brumfield and the End of Steam
    16.  The Oceano Beach Improvement Association, Dune Buggies and White Tailed Kite, the Battle against Sand
    17.  The Last Pavilion and the Taming of the Creek, The Lowest Tide, A Volunteer Passes in the Line of Duty, A White Christmas in Oceano, The Big Fire and the Closing of the Depot.
    18. Saving the Depot, The End of Celery, The Last Man Living in the Dunes
    19. The Great American Melodrama, Relocating and Restoring the Depot, The Orange Blossom Special, The Oceano Depot Association, The Ghost
    20 the Vanishing Clams, The Oceano Community Services District, Honolulu Gold and The Spanish Galleon, A Steam Locomotive from the Sea
    21. The “Mystery Pavilion,” The Guiton Trail, Rails of silence
    22. A Point of Historical Interest, The Return of the Clams, Lightning Slingers, The Oceano & Northern Railway
    23. The New Millennium, A wreath at the Ticket Window
    24. The Oceano World War Two Memorial, “Nine-Eleven” 2001, The Earthquake of 2003




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