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Partial listing of Lura Rawson's
articles in North County Tribune

Prepared by Lynne Landwehr

Please note, the date format shows year/month/day; thus, the first entry refers to October 20, 1986.

861030 A Day at the Wild West (Parkfield Rodeo)
861106 Scarce artifacts solve few mysteries about Salinan Indians (Assistencia Santa Margarita)
861120 Life on Mexican land grants was easy going (horseback)
861127 SLO County's Disappearing Communities - 1913 map
861204 La Panza had golden moments in history -- gold miners and entrepreneurs
861211 Schools evolved as County Population Grew (from 1852)
861218 Santa Margarita Ranch has legacy of activity (Joaquin Estrada 1841 to Martin Murphy 1860)
861226 Dinner for 100 was Common at Murphy's Santa Margarita Ranch
870102 Railroad's Arrival Created Big Stir in County
870108 Land Once Cost $11.50 an acre (in North County)
870115 Calm Creston has a Rather Wild Past
870122 School for War Tried on Rancho Atascadero --terrain too tough for army troopers in 1900s
870129 Paso Robles had its beginnings as a spa
870205 Paso Robles was the first community to incorporate (1889)
870212 First state mail carriers met in Nipomo at Dana's
870219 Early School's Records studied
870226 Eagle Ranch suited hunters, newlyweds
870305 Eagle Ranch once Soared in County History
870312 Vasa was SLO County's Swedish settlement
870409 Chinese merchant Ah Pui was often welcome sight
870416 County doctors formed association in 1892 (medical, physicians)
870423 Adelaida: It was a Grand Old Name
870430 Atascadero's Founder had a Vision (E.G. Lewis)
870501 E.G. Lewis: The Inventor of Atascadero
870528 Russians once said "Nyet" to Cholame Settlement
870604 Many now living in Shandon bear the names of early homesteaders
870702 Truesdale Family added much to Shandon History
870723 Memories of old stagecoach line linger on in Atascadero
870806 San Luis Obispo County fairs have more than a fair amount of history
870813 Auction Day - Santa Margarita land auction garnered statewide interest
870820 A few adobes remain for public to enjoy
870827 Rios Caledonia adobe has had varied history
870903 How E.G. Lewis came up with the funds to develop Atascadero.
870910 Paso Post Office Got More Mileage than its mailmen
870917 When the Sox Came to Paso (Chicago White Sox)
870924 Atascadero Building is part Italian (Administration Building)
871001 Bean Brothers' long road to prosperity
871008 Dr. Stanley left his mark on San Miguel
871015 Chinese helped develop North County
871029 Mission "leftovers" helped build school (San Miguel Public School)
871112 James Brothers: Facts, fancy mixed
871119 House has nearly 100 years of memories (Call-Booth/Paso Robles)
871126 Templeton used to be a rowdy end-of-the-line town
871203 Art, Music Entertained folks in North County; San Miguel Brass Band
871210 School District names reflect their times: Oakdale School District
871217 Automobile puts North County on Road to Big Changes; early Buick
871224 Administration Building holds Yule memories; Christmas Party
871231 Painted Rock a Carrissa landmark
880107 Good Guys turned bad in lawless La Panza; Still's Dairy
880121 Editor's Trip describes Early Santa Margarita; cattle round-up
880128 Atascadero Founders: Racist, not Sexist
880211 Daltons, other bad men Rode County Roads; attended dance
880218 Mother Nature and Man Shaped County History; J.P. Andrews
880215 North County History: J.P. Andrews
880225 Shift from ranchos to settlers shaped county
880303 For Women, Rest Meant Work Sitting Down
880310 Long Life treated Santa Margarita Woman Well
880324 Excitement surrounded early building of Atascadero
880331 Shandon's Clarke Park Rich in History
880407 Settler Played Name Game in SLO County
880421 Colony Days tale recalls early Atascadero; Carolyn Peck
880428 Early Atascadero: Land of spiders, sophistication, and thick cream
880505 Days of Mischief and Maypoles
880512 Remembering Ranch Life long ago on the Plains
880519 One-Room School had its day in Estrella
880526 Dove, Cashin: Towns that Ceased to Exit
880609 End-of-school picnic was a gala 1883 event
880616 McDonalds carved big niche in Estrella area
880623 Drive to Quicksilver Mine sparked flowery prose
880630 Tour of Quicksilver mine ends with sublime sunset
880707 Gag writer has small-town roots in County
880721 Atascadero's founder promoted "mall."
880728 Lewis remembered for health care
880804 There's more to Paso than 100 years....
880811 San Antonio: A Key Mission link
880818 Cityhood Padded Paso Population in 1890s
880825 1890s brought discouraging years to Paso (mud baths, spa)
880901 Founder of Pozo had a colorful life
880908 Postal notes from Atascadero's past
880915 Runaway Horses gave Oldtimers Some Unwanted Thrills
880922 Wild Buggyride of Yesteryear
880929 Creston Area has Colorful Long History
881006 Webster's Vision Added Much to Creston's Growth
881013 Atascadero: Then and Now
881020 Cloisters Was Holiday Destination
881027 Buelna Example of Native Life in North County
881103 A Colorful Century - First Church in Shandon has Served Community for 97 Years
881117 Phillips Family Prospered as County Grew
881124 Phillips House a varied History
881201 Cuesta Grade offers view of history
881215 The McNeils were Center of Lively Life in Pozo
881222 Seed Farms Sprouted from Lewis idea
881229 Recent Snowfall Was Sixth to Hit North County
890105 Railroad Growth Tracked Atascadero's history
890112 Nacimiento River Has History as Roiling Stream
890119 Nacimiento Ranch, Flints Share Lively Past
890126 Group has Roots in House-Saving Try
890202 Christine Jack is Exception to Mining Image
890209 Paderewski was Once a Paso Rancher
890216 Ireland's Gift to County
890223 Horstman Progeny Boasted in North County
890302 Mission's History Filled with Fish Stories
890309 El Paso de Robles Hotel Enjoyed a long, colorful History
890316 Flooded Salinas River Fraught with Quicksand
890323 Dr. Leo Stanley Recalls Disaster Dry Year of 1898
890330 Medical Advances Recalled by Woman Doctor from Templeton (Dr. Horstman)
890406 San Juan Ranch Dominated Eastern County
890413 Early Danes focused on Farming, Schools
890420 Atascadero Plan called for Schools at each end of mall
890427 Nevada House granddaughter recounts family memories
890504 Mission administrator enjoyed a merry prank
890511 Missing Guns Prank Pays off
890525 Good Ol' North County Schooldays recalled
890601 Creston log school built century ago.
890608 Paso Partied in 1887 to celebrate bridge, temple
890615 Stadium: Atascadero Landmark
890622 Schools Got Slow, but Steady, start in Panza
890629 Lewis Held Education in Esteem
890706 Atascadero Traces Its Independence to 1914 Colony Celebration
890713 Atascadero Once Scene of Independence Day Blasts
890720 Grade, creeks slowed North County Progress in 1800s
890727 Quicksilver Mines Left County Mark
890803 Iron Horse's Arrival was a Grand Event
890810 Outbreak of Peace Dried Up Atascadero Venture
890824 Stadium Was Focal Point of Early Atascadero
890831 Golf Suits Atascadero to a Tee
890907 Bit of Irish in Early North County School
890914 How Two Mennonite Churches Became One
890921 Willets Syndicate Took Over Bankrupt Colony
890928 Atascadero Theater had eventful history
891005 Pioneer Day was Minister's brainchild
891012 Traveler gives his view of 1893 Templeton
891019 Steve Martin movie brings back "old" memories
891026 Santa Margarita still carries flavor of its rancho Days
891102 S.P., Patrick Murphy created Santa Margarita
891109 Santa Margarita was an Entrepreneur's Land of Opportunity
891116 "Town that Never Was" Named for prominent SLO Man (Simmler)
891123 Win for "Drys": County Ok'd prohibition in 1908 
891130 Still fire exposed Atascadero bootleggers
891207 The romantic past of Jolon
891214 Much of Hunter Liggett was once the old Hearst Ranch
891221 Atascadero Always Had a Christmas
891228 Crocker, a stubborn RR tycoon, ok'd SLO Route
900104 Marquart Ranch still Flourishes Five Generations after Founding
900111 Garden Farms based on Lewis' Ethos
900118 Hearsts Lit Up North County History
900125 Being Hearst's personal taxi driver was colorful, rewarding
900201 Taxi to the Stars: Cabbie drove Hearst's glamorous guests until the end
900222 Community Lifestyle in Garden Farms Recalled
900222 Children a Valuable Crop at Garden Farms
900301 Kirkpatrick's diaries give flavor of farm life in 19th century
900308 Atascadero: E.G. Lewis planned well
900315 Joaquin Estrada left his mark on County
900322 Pioneer legacy of the Morehouse family (of Paso Robles)
900329 J.H. Henry Ranch, called the Atascadero Ranch, or Rancho Del Encinal - Ranch of the Oak Groves - Had Beauty at every turn
900405 Santa Margarita Ranch was famed for hard work, lavish feasts
900412 Grange an enduring County institution
900419 Creston postmaster funded delivery
900426 Creston's Judge Cliff lives in author Horace A. Vachell's works
900503 SLO County school system grew by fits and starts - names of Superintendents
900517 La Panza riches: In their search for gold, some found knowledge (the Still family ranch)
900524 North County Schools in 1882 had their share of problems, strengths
900531 San Miguel: A Survivor: history
900607 Athelma Edrington Lamb, daughter of pioneers James and Effie Edrington, broke many barriers
900614 Crime fighting, circa 1850
900621 San Miguel Mission massacre sorted out
900628 Atascadero-Lakeside setting spiced July 4 Celebrations
900705 Drury James, Paso Robles founder, was not a crook
900802 Financial problems too much (2 churches)
900809 Story of Chumash's Red Wind community
900816 Atascadero Building's Opening a Gala
900823 Atascadero water firm's early days
900830 Melting pot: North County Settlers came from Distant Shores
900906 Settlers' work was never done
900913 Federated church a hub of activity
900920 Creston still enjoys life of early settlement days
900927 Memories can change with time
901011 Bethel Church built on talent of members
901018 Justice Douglas called Estrella home
901025 Early Days on the Carrissa Plains
901101 Civilization fatal for North County Indians
901122 North County was shaped by a variety of cultures
901129 San Miguel Mission had a lively past
901206 Christmas of 1925 Brought Change to Atascadero
901213 Ghost towns of the North County



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