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San Miguel Arcangel: 
The Mission on the Highway
by Fr. Zephyrin Engelhardt, O.F.M.
Santa Barbara: Mission Santa Barbara, 1929

Chapter I
Search for Mission Site
Fr. Buenaventura Sitjar's Report
St. Michael, the Archangel
Founding of the Mission, First Baptisms
Contributions (from other Missions)
First Church Edifice
Building Activities
Numerous Converts
Biennial Report of 1802-1804
Disastrous Conflagration
New Structures

Chapter II
Character and Habits of the Local Indians
Cause of Decrease
The Deadly Galico
Expeditions to the Tulares Region
Unreasonable Demands of the Military Government
The Tulares Indians
Building Activities

Chapter III
The Mission Lands
Fr. Juan Cabot
Anti-Catholic Liberalism Appears
Echeandia's "Secularization" Decree
Neophytes Remain Faithful
Mission Confiscated
Under Administrators
Illegal Action of Territorial Assembly
Fr. Cabot Retires
Robinson and Colton
Inventory of 1837
Condition in 1839
Mission Ceded to Bishop
Mofras's Description
Pio Pico Sells the Mission

Chapter IV
The Mission Registers
Title Page of Baptismal Register
First Missionaries
Fr. Antonio de la Concepcion Demented
Returned to Mexico
First Entries
Converts Numerous
Banner Year
Fr. Vicente de Sarria
Last Franciscan
Bishop Garcia Diego Signs Books at San Luis Obispo
First Marriage
Frist Burial
Notable Burials

Chapter V
Biographical Sketches
Fr. Pedro Adriano Martinez
Fr. Marcelino Cipres
Fr. Juan Francisco Martin
Fr. Juan Cabot
List of Franciscans and Their Successors
List of Indian Rancherias
Tables of the Spiritual and Temporal Results of Missionary Activities

Chapter VI
Unfaithful Governor Pico
Bishop Jose S. Alemany Lays Claim to the Mission Property fot the Catholic Church
United States Land Commission Decides in Favor of the Bishop
Action of the United States Court
Land Surveyed and Deeded to the Bishop for Church Purposes
Patent Signed by President James Buchanan

Chapter VII
Illegal Sale of Mission San Miguel
Decision of the United States Court
One of the Purchasers and Whole Family Victims of Most Atrocious Murder
Murderous Desperadoes Captured and Executed
Vicissitudes of the Mission Buildings
No Resident Pstor for Thirty-four Years
Rev. Phillip Farrelly First Resident Secular Priest
Rev. Jose Mut Succeeds and Dies
Centennial Celebration of September, 1897 Efforts to Repair the Buildings
Commemoration of Deceased Franciscans

Saint Michael, The Archangel
Pater Noster in the Tulare Language
Resurrection of San Miguel Mission



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