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Robert E. Kennedy's
Learn by Doing

  1. How to start and save a school
  2. On being a pioneer in a new land
  3. Finding your way SLO-style
  4. Student journalists can teach too
  5. Learning on the job
  6. How to work for the Navy on dry land
  7. Beating swords into plowshares
  8. Is the grass greener here or there?
  9. The forest gets in the way of the trees
10. On being the assistant to the president
11. On running hot and being cool
12. Learning how to be a Good Old Dean
13. Vice presidents have work to do
14. Vice presidents can get into trouble
15. How to live in the doghouse
16. In the doghouse still
17. College president has visions
18. College presidents can win or lose
19. Keeping campus unrest from becoming violent
20. Becoming a state university isn't easy
21. A time of transition
22. A time to fight and a time to quit


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