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Contents of
Mary Gail Black's
Profile of the Daily Telegram:
A Story of San Luis Obispo 1921-1923

The Profile of a Newspaper and the Story of a Time (p. 1)
    (Daily Telegram: Editor C. L. Day)

The Streets of San Luis Obispo p. 19

The Rise and Fall of the Boosters, p. 33

Movers and Shakers, p. 49
   Queenie Warden and the Civic Club
   Two Years in the Reign of Louis Sinsheimer
   Sheriff Taylor and Three Volstead Acts
   Ab Nelson, Courtroom Thespian
   The Reverend Mr. Haney, the Crusader
   Father O'Flynn, a Hidden Power
   Abbie Kellogg -- Maker of a Library
   Annie L. Morrison -- Writer and Historian

The Ladies of Sycamore Street, p. 67

KKK, p. 73

A Step into the Twentieth Century (Public Health Services), p. 79

Booze and the Volstead Act, p. 83

The Anderson Hotel: The First High Rise, p. 91

The Filming of The Ten Commandments,  p.  97

Sale of the Telegram, p. 107



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