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Historical Postcards
of Mission San Luis Obispo

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MissonSLOforCuestaParkArticle.jpg (249082 bytes) Original Appearance:

This illustration from the October 1871 Overland Monthly shows the Mission in its original Spanish-style appearance.
PostcardSLOMissionSLOFrontWithLotsOfTrees.jpg (30377 bytes) This early postcard photo was hand-tinted from a black-and-white print.



New-England-Style Revision:
The following photos show the Mission in its New-England-style phase, which began in the mid-1870s and lasted through the early 1920s. The original photos were black-and-white, but were tinted for use as postcards.

MissionSLOwithoutAdditionInColor.jpg (35187 bytes)
PostcardSLOMissionSLOWithBellTowerBlacknWhite.jpg (20539 bytes) The photo at left and the two following photos were taken from the south end of the Mission. Note the New-England-style bell tower at far end.

 PostcardSLOMissionSLO1930GarishColor.jpg (33398 bytes)

PostcardSLOMissionSLOWithNuns.jpg (11599 bytes)

PostcardSLOMissionSLOin20s.jpg (7532 bytes)

This photo shows the addition of a side wing (at right)  done in 1893.



Spanish-style Restoration:
A fire in 1920 led to extensive repairs and the restoration of the Mission to its Spanish-style appearance. 
PostcardSLOMissionSLO1947postmarkhelpful.jpg (42771 bytes)
MissionSLO1963.jpg (384019 bytes) This postcard, postmarked 1963, shows the Camino Real still passing in front of the Mission, and, to the right of the Mission, the foundations of the old Lewin property, which had been acquired by the Mission in 1960.  At this point, plans were well underway for the creation of Mission Plaza, but it would be another nine years before the Plaza project was completed and formally dedicated.

(In the background is San Luis Mountain, one of the chain of extinct volcanic peaks  stretching from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay and Morro Rock.)

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