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Current Photos

      The following photos show what Mission San Luis Obispo looks like now. You may use any of these photos of Mission San Luis Obispo in your 4th-grade mission project, but please mention this website and cite the photographer (Lynne Landwehr). Thank you.      

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Columns at front of Mission,  
Citriodora Eucalyptus trees  
of  Mission Plaza   
ColumnsAtMission.jpg (15799 bytes)
MissionFrontWithChorisiaTree.jpg (21755 bytes) Front Entrance,
Mission San Luis Obispo,
with Chorisia tree in bloom
Close-up of  
Chorisia tree in bloom,  
with Mission bell   
BellWithChorisiaTree.jpg (37291 bytes)
BearAndGirlInFrontOfMission.jpg (39152 bytes) Mission Plaza's
Fountain Sculpture
"Tuqusk' Wa Suwa"
(northern Obispeño Chumash dialect for "Bear and Young Child")
by San Luis Obispo County
sculptor and artist
Paula Zima
Mission San Luis Obispo  
is No. 325 in the roster of   
State Historical Landmarks.  
(Click on the thumbnail photo  
at right  
to read the inscription  
on the plaque.)  
PlaqueInFrontOfMission.jpg (104025 bytes)
 ChristmasAtMissionSLO.jpg (38452 bytes) Altar,
Mission San Luis Obispo
Christmas, 1998
Interior Arch, 
Mission San Luis Obispo,
Christmas, 1998  
 MissionInteriorArch.jpg (8189 bytes)
   EasterInMission.jpg (19796 bytes)  Mission San Luis Obispo  
Easter,  1999
Mission statue of  
St. Louis, 
Bishop of Toulouse
(San Luis Obispo)
SaintLouisBishopOfToulouse.jpg (21300 bytes)
Mission Floor Plan.jpg (25023 bytes) Mission Floor Plan
(Click on thumbnail
at right for expanded photo;
click here for floor plan
with additional information.)

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