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Central Coast 2000 Quilt

     The Central Coast Quilt was created from February 1999 through April 2000 by members of the San Luis Obispo quilting group known as Applique Friends.  Design and Construction Coordinators were Signe James and LaDonna Christensen, who incorporated the major elements of the Central Coast landscape into a design based on the shape of a Mission bell.  Borders were prepared by Collette Blair, June Fincher, Betsy Lopresto,  D.J. Martin, and Barbara Merony.  Please see below for thumbnail close-ups, and for an identification key and credits for  each of the quilt's smaller elements. 


     The Central Coast Quilt has appeared in a number of regional and national shows, and received an Honorable Mention award at the American Quilter's Society show in Paducah, Kentucky, held in April 2001.


Following are the names of those who worked on this quilt:
Collette Blair
LaDonna Christensen
Barbara Collins
Louisa Dovali
June Fincher
Anne Gregory
Linda Holt
Signe James
Anne Johnson
Hulda Keuning
Diane Kubiac
Jan Lee
Betsy Lopresto
Pat Marcom
D.J. Martin
Joan Mensonides
Barbara Merony
Margaret Negranti
Jacquie Rall
Sandy Turner
Marlene Wunder


Thumbnails of Close-ups:
(click to enlarge)

Flamingoes at Atascadero Zoo, Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, San Luis Creek, Bear

Ah Louis Store

QuiltAhLouisStore.jpg (39450 bytes)
QuiltMorroBay.jpg (91137 bytes) Lompoc Flower Fields, Santa Maria Strawberries and Barbecue, Morro Bay/The Harbor, Lopez Lake Pines and Mountains, San Simeon Marine Life, Fruits and Vegetables

San Simeon/Hearst Castle, Cayucos Beach and Pier

QuiltHearstCastleAndCayucos.jpg (81260 bytes)



Click on the thumbnail
below to see a large version
of this "map" of the quilt;
you will be able to match
its segments
with the names of
their creators (shown at right).

QuiltMap.jpg (42941 bytes)


Central Coast 2000 Quilt
Identification Key:

1A. San Simeon/Hearst Castle - Anne Johnson
1B. Cayucos/Beach & Pier - Signe James
1C. San Luis to Morro Bay/The Morros & Farm Landscape - June Fincher
2A. Paso Robles/Mid-State Fair - Pat Marcom
2B. Atascadero/Paddock Zoo - Joan Mensonides
2C. Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa - Jacquie Rall
3A. Los Osos School (1872) - Diane Kubiac
3B. Point San Luis Lighthouse - Collette Blair
3C. Los Osos/Montana de Oro State Park & Bear - D.J. Martin
4.   San Luis Obispo Wine Country - June Fincher
4B. San Luis Obispo Octagonal Barn- June Fincher
4C. San Luis Obispo Victorian Home - June Fincher
4D. San Luis Obispo Ah Louis Store - Signe James
4E. San Luis Creek - Signe James
5. Arroyo Grande/Swinging Bridge & South County Produce - Barbara Collins
6. Vandenberg Air Force Base Rocket Launch & Lompoc Flower Fields - Anne Gregory
7A. Santa Maria Strawberries & Farmers Market - Hulda Keuning
7B. Santa Maria Barbecue - Linda Holt
7C. Santa Maria Rodeo - Louisa Dovali
7D. Santa Maria Area Produce - Marlene Wunder
8A. Morro Bay/The Harbor - Betsy Lopresto
8B. Lopez Lake, Pines & Mountains - LaDonna Christensen
8C. San Simeon/Marine Life - LaDonna Christensen
9. Fruits and Vegetables/Rocky Shore - Margaret Negranti
10A&B. Eucalyptus Branches & Monarch Butterflies - Jan Lee
11. The Sun & Egret - Sandy Turner
12 California Poppies - Barbara Collins & LaDonna Christensen
13. Agriculture Montage - LaDonna Christensen
14. Coast Live Oak - Jacquie Rall


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