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Features and Information:

        A Selected Historical Alphabet

        Ah Louis Store

        Annie L. Morrison: Homesteader, Teacher, Journalist, Historian

        Book List of San Luis Obispo County History, with links to indexes of selected works

        Castle Adobe in Morro Bay, The

        Central Coast 2000 Quilt

        Chamber of Commerce Booklet 1909

       Dedication Ceremonies for Iron Road Pioneers Statue

       Medical History of SLO County (Part 1: Through 1900)

       Medical History of SLO County (Part 2: 1900-1929

       Medical History of SLO County (Part 3: 1930-1950)       

       Estrella Adobe

       First-Person Historical Narratives:             
             Edwin Bryant, 1848
             William H. Brewer, 1861
             Mary Cone, 1876
             Brook Stoner, 1889
Ruth Kedzie Wood, 1915
             Juan Francisco Dana, 1931
             Glen Bickford, 1936
             Ralph M. Bell, 1997
             Mary Trejo, 2000

        Historical Postcards
              Paso Robles
              City of San Luis Obispo
Avila to Shell Beach

       Mission Projects
              Mission San Luis Obispo
                   Historical Postcard Photos
                   Current Photos
                   Floor Plan
                   Saint Louis, Bishop
              Mission San Miguel Arcangel (capsule history, floor plan, historical photos, current photos)

       Motel Inn: The World's First "Mo-tel"

       Nitt Witt Ridge: The North Coast's "Other Castle"
            Profile of Art Beal by Darren Westlund

       O'Halloran Land (excerpt), by Mary Jean Munro

       Photo Documentation:  4th of July Photo at Wells Fargo Bank, Marsh Street, SLO

        Photo Documentation: Historical Photos in SLO County Government Annex

       Sinsheimer Bros. Store

        Tips for Interviewers, from Oral History for the Local Historical Society

        Viva La Causa! A Decade of Farm Labor Organizing on the Central Coast

        "What California Means to Its Oldest Living Chinese": 1934 Interview  with Ah Louis

        What's an "obispo"?

        Watsonville Architect William H. Weeks Left his Stamp on San Luis Obispo County

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State Historical Landmarks in SLO County

Timeline of County History
      Timeline of Women's History in SLO County
      Timeline of Morro Bay History

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