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Contents of
Geneva Hamilton's
Where the Highway Ends

Part I: Cambria
Chapter 1: Cambria: 1866-1889
Chapter 2: The Great Fire (1889) and Minor Floods
Chapter 3: Cambria: 1889-1969

Part II: After the Dons
Chapter 4: Out of Log Schools, Statesmen
Chapter 5: Indian Trails to Highways
Chapter 6: One Hundred Years of Mining
Chapter 7: The Early Chinese
Chapter 8: Dairy Farming

Part III: Early History
Chapter 9: The Portola Expedition and the Indians
Chapter 10: The Development of the Coast Trade
Chapter 11: Rancho de la Piedra Blanca
Chapter 12: Whaling Station at San Simeon Bay
Chapter 13: San Simeon
Chapter 14: Piedras Blancas Light Station (Lighthouse)
Chapter 15: Rancho San Simeon and Public Domain
Chapter 16: Rancho Santa Rosa



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